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10 years and counting

Hit or Miss

10 years and counting

I neglected to mention this back in August, but I’ve had this blog for 10+ years now.

I always laugh with one of my college students mention blogs to me and feel like they have to explain what they are… If they only knew.

I haven’t posted much in recent years, but I haven’t had any reason to take the blog down. I had set up Facebook to automatically import my blog entries, but I feel like it may have caused me to start self-censoring myself, so I’ve disabled it.

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Yours was one of the first blogs, if I’m not mistaken. Correct?

Does that make you an alpha blogger?

Bob | 30 Jan 2010

I hear you. Facebook and Twitter have mostly made my blog obsolete. I don’t know what to do with my site anymore. But I’m glad I was doing it before it was so easy and before it was so common.

David | 31 Jan 2010

Congrats, wow, 10 years! LOL, that was the old Wild West of blogging. I’m just thankful I no longer see news articles that have to say “blog, or Web log…” like we don’t know what they are. 😉

Jeff T | 1 Feb 2010

A very happy belated blogday to you and yours. Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

Kevin | 2 Feb 2010

Many congratulations! And thanks!

Chris | 3 Feb 2010

Congratulations on your long-running blog! I can quite understand the lack of activity in recent years, which I can only take as a sign of a more fulfilled life than you had ten years ago.

People occasionally ask me whether I have a blog. My answer is that, frankly, the details of my life barely interest me, so I can’t imagine why anyone else would want to read about it. That’s one reason I read blogs, and admire those who write them.

Ted | 6 Feb 2010

Yay! Happy 10!

Jason | 8 Feb 2010