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Hit or Miss


More about Matt

Matt in NYCI am the Associate Director for Housing Operations at Barnard College. I came to New York City in July 2003 to work at The New School after previously working at Truman State University.

I live in Morningside Heights with my partner Jeff.

I go to the theatre & collect cast recordings, sing in a men’s chorus, code with PHP & MySQL, and watch too many shows on my TiVo.

IU School of Library Science (SpLIS ’00, MLS ’99)
DePauw University (BA in Computer Science and Communication ’97)
Vestavia Hills High School (’93).

More about the site

I’ve had a blog for over ten years. It started out as a way for me to practice programming in Perl and later PHP, but I’ve made a lot of friends along the way and I have become (just barely) a better writer.

Version 1 of my blog was powered by a collection of Perl scripts using flat text files. Later, I created my own custom PHP/MySQL content management system. When I moved to New York (and had to give up hosting the site off my linux box), I switched to MovableType. In the summer of 2005, I migrated to WordPress, an open-source PHP/MySQL CMS.

The site is hosted at Hostgator.  I use EditPad and WebDrive to write & edit all my code.