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What’s new with Matt?

Hit or Miss

What’s new with Matt?

I haven’t posted anything recently, so it’s high time for an update on two personal fronts.

Jeff and I moved to a new apartment back in March (and I’m still unpacking).  Barnard provided the apartment in exchange for my joining the emergency on-call administrator rotation.  We’ve got much more space now, but I miss the dishwasher in our old apartment.  And, we’re across the street from the curved apartment building featured in Enchanted!

Back in November, MetaFilter-founder Matt Haughey discovered he had a brain tumor.  The description of his accompanying low hormone levels sounded familiar to me, so I scheduled my first physical in a decade.  Blood tests determined that I had low testosterone, so my doctor prescribed Androgel.

The Androgel put a little spring back in my step, but the endocrinologist I was referred to asked that I discontinue it so he could retest my hormone levels.  So, for the past two months, I’ve felt even more tired and run down than I did before.

My latest test results determined I should get a MRI (scheduled for Wednesday) to check out my pituitary gland.  I’m trying not to get worried and assume that I have a brain tumor just because Matt Haughey has one, but I’m seeing too many parallels in the narrative.

I phoned my mom yesterday and told for the first time about all these tests I’ve been going through.  I joked, “At least there’s no history of brain tumors in our family,” and she replied that, actually, my grandfather had a brain tumor for years.  So now all I can do is wait for the MRI results and try not to freak out.

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Holy crap. Crossing fingers for ya, Matt.

Jason | 16 Jun 2010

Wow, crazy. Crossed fingers, prayers, good vibes, etc., coming your way. Keep us posted on what you learn.

Chris | 17 Jun 2010

Thinking about you Matt. Crossed fingers, thoughts and prayers. Stay strong sunshine.

Morrie | 27 Jun 2010

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Results | 24 Jul 2010