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The Line Diet

Hit or Miss

The Line Diet

I’ve been more aware of my weight recently because I’ve has to dress up for work (i.e. not wear jeans) and I’m self-conscious of tucking in my shirt. So I’ve decided to give the Line Diet (aka the Steve Ward Diet) a try.

I wanted more control over the data than TheLineDiet.com gives (but still update/access the data from multiple locations), so I’ve set up a Google Spreadsheet (based on this Excel version).

Here is a live chart from the data:

So far, not so good.

Update: I’ve fiddled around with the dates & such and set a more realistic goal.

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This is great! I really admire you for doing this! The “line” sounds like it would be motivating. Do you really only eat broccoli all day if you are over the line? Are you combining any physical exercise with it? Best wishes!!!

Chris | 18 Feb 2010

CONGRATS! Great job on achieving your goal!!!

Chris | 1 Jun 2010

Congrats on your progress. Thanks for sharing the Google doc version, I am going to put it to use!

Jacky | 24 Jun 2010

Hey, I tried the line diet, too. I just posted my results with daily screen shots from thelinediet.com. I think it was pretty informative.


mandy | 30 Sep 2010

I just released a line diet app for iPhone called ‘Line Diet Weight Tracker’. You can check it out at linedietapp.com. It’s currently out on iPhone, but may come to other platforms if enough folks express interest. It is a modern design that tries to keep everything nice and simple.

SmartyP | 31 Jul 2013