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The Shadow Scholar

The Shadow Scholar: Fascinating account by a "custom-paper" writer (i.e. guy you pay to write your term paper).

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Anxiety about traveling

I don’t know what it is about traveling that makes me so anxious. Jeff and I will be on a 7:30am flight to Disney World tomorrow and I’ve been a basket of nerves. I’ve come down with a cold and been having neck pain and back spasms. I’m hoping it will all disappear once we actually get there; otherwise, I’m in no shape to ride Space Mountain…


A statement from The Jewish Standard

A statement from The Jewish Standard: It’s nice to know that if Jeff and I ever do get married the Jewish Standard won’t run our wedding announcement because we’re gay (not because I’m not Jewish). P.S. yesterday was the 7th anniversary of our first date.

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On Doorways, a Jewish Custom Inherited by Gentiles

On Doorways, a Jewish Custom Inherited by Gentiles: My current NYC apartment has a mezuza left behind by a previous occupant, but Jeff has never wanted to put one up.

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Pulsate: Create hypnotic music by placing circles on the screen.

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So, I don’t have a brain tumor after all . I’m definitely relieved, but I still don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I guess sometimes people can just have low hormone levels, but it’s relatively uncommon for someone as young as myself.  I’m back on Androgel now and the promotional materials crack me up because they are targeted to men in their 60s.


If Games Had Super Easy Mode

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What’s new with Matt?

I haven’t posted anything recently, so it’s high time for an update on two personal fronts.

Jeff and I moved to a new apartment back in March (and I’m still unpacking).  Barnard provided the apartment in exchange for my joining the emergency on-call administrator rotation.  We’ve got much more space now, but I miss the dishwasher in our old apartment.  And, we’re across the street from the curved apartment building featured in Enchanted!

Back in November, MetaFilter-founder Matt Haughey discovered he had a brain tumor.  The description of his accompanying low hormone levels sounded familiar to me, so I scheduled my first physical in a decade.  Blood tests determined that I had low testosterone, so my doctor prescribed Androgel.

The Androgel put a little spring back in my step, but the endocrinologist I was referred to asked that I discontinue it so he could retest my hormone levels.  So, for the past two months, I’ve felt even more tired and run down than I did before.

My latest test results determined I should get a MRI (scheduled for Wednesday) to check out my pituitary gland.  I’m trying not to get worried and assume that I have a brain tumor just because Matt Haughey has one, but I’m seeing too many parallels in the narrative.

I phoned my mom yesterday and told for the first time about all these tests I’ve been going through.  I joked, “At least there’s no history of brain tumors in our family,” and she replied that, actually, my grandfather had a brain tumor for years.  So now all I can do is wait for the MRI results and try not to freak out.


The Most Harmful Drinks in America

The Most Harmful Drinks in America: Graphic representations of the amount of sugar & fat in various soft drinks & milkshakes. Ex. Arizona Kiwi Strawberry = 7 bowls of Froot Loops.

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Turn and Pose

Feast your eyes below on the whitest version ever of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.