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And I am Telling You… I can’t wait

Hit or Miss

And I am Telling You… I can’t wait

I like to think I’m internet-savvy, but I had simply not been able to locate and download the leaked copy of Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from the upcoming Dreamgirls. Then one of my RAs just bopped into my office and told me he’d gotten it through a link posted on a Whitney Houston message board (and no, I don’t know the link).

So after listening to it, I’m even more impatient for the premiere. I think Hudson manages to throw in enough new vocal runs to make the song her own, while still evoking the ferocity of Jennifer Holliday’s original rendition. Let’s just hope her acting matches her singing.

Nitpicks? The mix was a bit off and the chord structure of the final orchestra hits seemed wrong. But I’m sure that can be fixed.

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Head and shoulders above Lillias White, at least.

Mike B. | 9 Oct 2006

FYI, you can also locate advance copies of Beyonce/Deena’s version of “One Night Only” and the new song “Listen” on YouTube — just search for Beyonce and the name of the song if those links don’t work.

It sounds like One Night Only is going to be mostly, but maybe not entirely, a straight-ahead song, rather than the intercut musical number/plot song that it was originally. (There are a couple of long musical bridges that sound sort of strange and make me think that there are missing conversations layered over them in the final product.) “Listen”, from the lyrics, occurs somewhere near One Night Only in the storyline; it sounds like it’s Deena despairing that she can’t get Curtis to listen to what she wants.

Iain Jackson | 10 Oct 2006