Hit or Miss

‘W. Eighth St. will be new Culinary Alley‘

When people in NYC ask where I live, I usually just tell them it’s the block with all the shoe stores (W 8th St). But that’s increasingly untrue as more and more stores go out of business and the block has a record number of retail vacancies.

According to The Villager, a bunch of new restaurants are supposed to be coming to fill these vacancies. However, the new Subway they’re putting in (which, at the other end of the block, is as close to me as the OTHER Subway at 8th & University), isn’t inspiring much confidence in this plan…

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It would be great if they actually put some upscale business in on 8th Street — there is some scary ass gangsta BS on that block for some reason. Gentrify!

Andy | 11 Oct 2006

Honestly, I think your neighborhood does need more restaurants. However, having said that, it has occurred to me that the Subway would probably be the only one I could actually afford.

Bob | 23 Oct 2006