Hit or Miss

Matt is dumb

Mike emailed at the last minute yesterday, soliciting folks to go to The Big Quiz Thing (at the Slipper Room) with him. I ended up being the only one to show up, so we competed as “Death Wish 2” and finished soundly in last place (and I spotted the lusty lesbians from the Gothamist/601am Happy Hour). But any excuse to combine a couple of Stellas with takeout from Grilled Cheese NYC is worth it.

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Matt-Didn’t see you. Feel free to join the Brainy Sluts next time as we inch towards first. xx heidi

Heidi | 9 Oct 2003

Come On Down
So Matt and I did indeed try our luck at The Big Quiz Thing last night, and we did indeed…

useless! worthless! insipid! | 7 Oct 2003