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The New Face Of Gay Power

It’s tempting to think there are two gay Americas, one frightened and one fabulous, a merely gay America and a fully Queer America. An America where the gay bars darken their windows to hide ashamed patrons, and an America where straight people stand in line to get into gay clubs.”

After being here in NYC a few months, I now understand why so many rural gay men dream of moving to large cities. But more than that, I’m amazed by how gay-friendly the typical straight person is out here on the East Coast — and amazed at their disbelief when I describe how narrowminded people are in the South or Midwest.

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Similar situation in Los Angeles. Though, in some ways, I have found Southern California far MORE conservative than other mid-western cities where I have lived. In particular, Minneapolis, MN and Madison, WI have very open and accepting cultures toward gays / lesbians. In Madison, it was true that straight people did occasionally stand in line to get in to the gay dance clubs and in Minneapolis, some of the clubs — especially the good drag bars — were in “danger” of being over-run by bachelorette parties and lookie-loos.

Jeff | 8 Oct 2003

Interesting thoughts here. In my short existence in mostly less-urban areas than the aforementioned (St. Louis, Indianapolis, Nashville, Atlanta) I have found that this narrowmindedness is almost totally dead – even among the only slightly educated. Either that or I’ve subconsciously managed to intimidate those who would have something stupid to say to me into being quiet.

Lauren | 14 Oct 2003