Hit or Miss


Living in New York is starting to become a little more enjoyable. This past week or so I attended an amazing book talk (and got to see the original set model for FOLLIES), met up with the TinMan for coffee, got sloshed with Mike at the Duplex (though I managed not to hit my head on an AC unit), and went on 3 dates with Richard, an absolute dreamboat of a guy. Now if I can just keep up with the flow of excitement.

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Okay, glad you’re enjoying it. Now get out!

Anil | 5 Oct 2003

Listen up: no one gave you permission to come here and date our men. Fudrucker.

Choire | 6 Oct 2003

We want pictures of Richard!

Silus Grok | 6 Oct 2003

Uh, Richard and I have only gone on a few dates… I don’t think we’re quite to the stage of posting his picture on my blog…

Matt | 6 Oct 2003

Not even surreptitiously?

Silus Grok | 7 Oct 2003