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Hit or Miss

Like Max (who still doesn’t have permalinks, dammit!), I love NPR’s Marketplace. But in addition to the great financial news understandable to laymen like myself and David Brancaccio’s soothing voice, I dig the opening theme. You’ve got to admire the hubris of intertwining corporate sponsor GE‘s ad jingle into the music.

Speaking of other bloggers, Bill has a spanky new design. He’s gone retro like me and abandoned the CSS-only formatting model and returned to using tables. No shame, Bill — CSS is damn frustrating.

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I dig Marketplace, too. Listen to it every night on the drive home from work. I like how, in the theme song, you can faintly hear some guy giving out a little yell in the background like he’s on the trading floor or something.

Matt H. | 6 Jan 2002