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Hit or Miss

I’m not usually cognizant of tactile memories, but nothing makes me feel more at home (even though my parents have moved twice since I left for college) than the comforting heft and balance of my family’s old daily-use flatware. My brother Gary and I have already fought about who will get the set after our parents pass.

I got curious today and tried to figure out what pattern they are — they’re marked Utica Stainless, but replacements.com doesn’t have images for the different patterns, so I’m going to have to send them a picture so they can identify it for me.

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My mother has had a plexiglass napkin holder with a cylindrical transparent plexiglass weight since time immemorial. I told my sister that after they die, she could have the napkin part if I could keep the cylinder- but she said I could have both.

david | 4 Jan 2002