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Hit or Miss

Sick with bronchitis + home computer with major hard drive issues which won’t boot = not a lot of posts this week.

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I had bronchitis once… I was living in Montreal, and the only consolation was running around telling everyone I knew that I had it. Why would that be fun? Well, in French, the term for bronchitis is pronounced “braun-shit”.

Very fun.

Want a suggestion? Prop one end of your bed up on bricks (4″ – 6″ should do), then lay such that your feet are elevated. It helps with the coughing, and the expectorating.

Good luck!

Vis10n | 27 Nov 2001

🙁 Get better soon, sweetie.

Jason | 27 Nov 2001

So how’s it coming?

Staying warm, I hope…

Vis10n | 29 Nov 2001