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Alan Ruck

Alan Ruck. Stuart on Spin City = Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Am I the only one who didn’t realize this?

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My Alan Ruck moment of realization came when watching “Star Trek: Generations” for the first time and wondering, “How did Cameron get to captain the Enterprise-B?”

Chris | 23 Nov 2001

I got about halfway through “Speed” when I suddenly realized that the annoying guy on the bus was Cameron. Do you notice that he’s sort of morphing into Barry Bostwick now? And how come he got old but Matthew Broderick and the rest of us from the 80’s didn’t?

Sherrie | 23 Nov 2001

Yeah, he and Barry are starting to look eerily similar. Who knows, they might be able to sneak him into ‘Spin City’ every so often and have few people notice the change.

Jerry | 24 Nov 2001

The metamorphosis from geeky-but-kinda-cute sidekick to sleazy-but-kinda-geeky sidekick is fascinating.

francis s. | 25 Nov 2001

Geez, it *is* him! I never saw it.

Jason | 26 Nov 2001

I love alan Ruck !

Kinkstin | 31 Jul 2002