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Hit or Miss

Since most weblogs haven’t been showing up on weblogs.com since they’ve changed their update method, a lot of blogs I used to read every day have fallen out of my surfing pattern. Some of the sites I’ve been having to force myself to remember to go read include fury.com, boingboing, encorswish, living proof, epenthesis.org, leatheregg, plasticbag, sturtle… (by no means an exhaustive list)

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Oh, like you don’t like it when I twist your arm ;.)

Panchesco | 29 Nov 2001

I don’t seem to be able to ping the site no matter what I do. But as I never got any use out of the site in the first place, I’m not concerned.

Mike B | 30 Nov 2001

You may not get much use out of weblogs.com (or BlogTracker) yourself, but I’m sure there are people who read your site who aren’t seeing when you’ve updated now…

Matt | 30 Nov 2001