Hit or Miss

Will CueCat land on all four feet?

Will CueCat land on all four feet? Well, what do you expect when your company gives away its product for free?
(via brainlog) Like Dan says, there’s otherware software you can use to take advantage of the free scanner you can pick up from Radio Shack (the official software package is tacky anyway).

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I got my hands on one of those… Then I saw that you could only use it on their special Cue barcodes and I thought it was pretty useless. It’s currently a facorite toy of my dog, who (ironically enough) doesn’t mind cats. Heh.

Dave | 19 Jun 2001

The company that started it is here in Dallas and several big local companies and evil media groups poured millions of dollars into the thing – they knew nothing about technology and did no research, they just thought it “looked neat.” The owners mostly partied and snorted and shopped all the money away. Heh serves them right.

Charles | 19 Jun 2001