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Toggle table borders bookmarketlet (Win

Toggle table borders bookmarketlet (Win IE). Very useful for when you’re trying to figure out how someone set up an interesting page design using tables (source).

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Kevin Fox has been working on this too.

TheBrad | 18 Jun 2001

Yeah, but his version is for IE Mac. I emailed him the PC version code earlier today.

Matt | 18 Jun 2001

This is great. I’ve noticed some slightly buggy behavior when the page has a table tag WITHOUT a border attribute, though. For example, I was looking at the bookmarklets.com site. On the home page, when I use your bookmarklet I see all the borders except for the ones around the colored blocks near the bottom (the ‘More About Bookmarklets’ and ‘See the Bookmarklets’ links). When I click the bookmarklet AGAIN, the other borders turn off and THOSE ones turn on.

Still, it’s incredibly useful and works great 99% of the time. Good job!

Kris | 19 Jun 2001

This one works on IE Mac too.

Jason | 19 Aug 2001