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The Real World hits 10

Hit or Miss

The Real World hits 10

The Real World hits 10. It seems like just yesterday I watched the first season and saw my first actual gay person on TV. As role models go, Norm was fairly well-behaved and political (and, I can finally admit to myself 10 years later, cute).

There’s a fairly bland article marking the 10th anniversary in this month’s OUT, featuring the highly interest tidbit that out of the 35,000 or so people who annually try out for The Real World, only about 200 are openly gay. Wouldn’t you think there’d be more loud and proud out gay men and women lining up for a chance at fame through the show? If I auditioned for the show, I couldn’t imagine not being out.

Speaking of The Real World and gay cast members, here’s what they’re all up to now.

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I am so addicted to reality TV it isn’t even funny…and it was RW1 that started it all for me. I am a high school librarian, and I find that the only openly gay young people my students “know” are on reality tv, for better of worse. I think these shows have increased acceptance of gay teens, at least at the school I work in. Have you seen “American High”, which ended last night? It features Brad, an 18 year old gay student who has had a huge effect on some of the students I work with.

Sherrie | 21 Jun 2001