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1-877-288-0950 ext 233.

Hit or Miss

1-877-288-0950 ext 233.

I’ve got 60 free minutes from ureach.com and no messages in my voicemail box. How about you call me and, gee I don’t know, sing me your favorite showtune (Max, you can’t sing anything from “Oklahoma” again).

Actually, I do have something in mind for what I’d like to do with those voicemails…

I’m still waiting for a certain someone to call and apologize for getting my hopes up about a new feature on his site.

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Hmmmm…your tone would lead the casual reader to think you were displeased with my unique vocal interpretation of a classic…You should be thanking God I didn’t bust out with one of my “special” _Pirates of Penzance_ medleys! (Does “Theme to Pokemon” count as a show tune?)

Damn, gotta go look for that _Dreamgirls_ CD now… 🙂

Max | 6 Jun 2000

(Sorry… no URL yet)

Almost called, but in the end I chickened-out. Had I called it was a toss-up between “Comic Valentine” — not strictly a show-tune, but it was sung in a movie — and something from Les Miserable or Phantom. If I could have remembered the tune for them, I would rather have sung something from Brigadoon. Oh well…

PS… How do you like your uReach. Seeing your uReach number inspired me to get my own! Thanks.


vis10n | 7 Jun 2000

I think ureach.com is great. Afterall — it’s free, so you can’t beat that!

Matt | 7 Jun 2000

What? Nothing to say about the perfect absence of my sonorous voice on your vmail? …Some day, when I finally have a blog of my own, you’ll know me as more than just another lurker at your site. AND THEN! yes, and then… you’ll know what you’ve missed. =)

Vis10n | 7 Jun 2000