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What do you know? Ben

Hit or Miss

What do you know? Ben

What do you know? Ben Affleck and I are compatible!

“Virgo (me) and Leo (Ben) play follow the leader and Leo always has to be the leader. The lion wants Virgo to see what a great tail it has. Virgo is proud of Leo but the gig gets old. Leo may also captivate Virgo with a great sense of humor and all of those kisses. Virgo impresses Leo with that big brain. “Gosh, Virgo I wish I was as smart as you.” Anyway, if Virgo can stand Leo always being the center of attention, and resist that naughty temptation to insult Leo, it could work.”

Is this not the perfect description of my dream relationship with Ben Affleck? So nah, nah to Jay, who isn’t compatible with Ben.

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i am so distraught over this incompatibility business. you think a relationship built purely on sex could make up for it?

jay | 6 Jun 2000

Strangely, this actually describes the relationship between my mom (Virgo) and my stepdad (Leo). Freaky.

Jason | 6 Jun 2000