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Hit or Miss

Meryl Streep

Awesome! Meryl Streep was just announced as Barnard’s commencement speaker (last year was Hillary). One of the best things about working at Barnard is getting to march in fancy robes for graduation and hear A-List speakers.

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Upcoming TiVo Press Conference

TiVo is holding a press conference March 2 and the speculation is they’re announcing a new device (TiVo Premiere) and hopefully a new user interface.

I’d love to see new features added (apps, Hulu, better online scheduling, public posting of my Now Showing / To Do list on the web, etc), but I’m weary after seeing how slow & clunky the last new feature (TiVo Search) was (I never use it). My experience of viewing TV for the past decade has been framed by the TiVo interface — I hope they don’t fuck it up.

I had a dream last night about a new TiVo UI and it used Comic Sans. It made me cry.

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The Line Diet

I’ve been more aware of my weight recently because I’ve has to dress up for work (i.e. not wear jeans) and I’m self-conscious of tucking in my shirt. So I’ve decided to give the Line Diet (aka the Steve Ward Diet) a try.

I wanted more control over the data than TheLineDiet.com gives (but still update/access the data from multiple locations), so I’ve set up a Google Spreadsheet (based on this Excel version).

Here is a live chart from the data:

So far, not so good.

Update: I’ve fiddled around with the dates & such and set a more realistic goal.


10 years and counting

I neglected to mention this back in August, but I’ve had this blog for 10+ years now.

I always laugh with one of my college students mention blogs to me and feel like they have to explain what they are… If they only knew.

I haven’t posted much in recent years, but I haven’t had any reason to take the blog down. I had set up Facebook to automatically import my blog entries, but I feel like it may have caused me to start self-censoring myself, so I’ve disabled it.


Back to the Future

Jeff’s been on a bit of a Back to the Future kick lately, his favorite films. He just got the newly released complete score soundtrack yesterday, and listening to it he couldn’t help but interject with lines of dialogue. I’d forgotten what a great score it is — I’d rank it in the top movie themes with Star Wars and Superman.

Continuing with the time travel kick, we just watched the UK film Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel (Dr. Who meets Shuan of the Dead) and now Jeff is on the couch reading The Man Who Folded Himself.

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Comparing the end of Back to the Future and beginning of the sequel

Comparing the end of Back to the Future and beginning of the sequel: Casting a new actress required a frame by frame reshoot.

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How does the music-identifying app Shazam work its magic?

How does the music-identifying app Shazam work its magic?

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I’ve always been insanely jealous that Jeff’s parents took him to see CARRIE THE MUSICAL when he was in high school (he still has his autographed Playbill) — CARRIE has long been my favorite musical flop.

But it looks like I could soon have a chance to see it myself… Broadway.com reports that a reading will be held this Fall. *Fingers crossed* this leads to a new production!

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Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize on the same day that NASA bombs the moon? WTF?

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Letterman Reveals Extortion Attempt

Letterman Reveals Extortion Attempt: Watch for Law & Order to cover it in the Spring.

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