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Hit or Miss


Ack! Jeff and I leave for London tomorrow and I’m still packing (and trying to load a London Underground map onto my Palm). And I think Jeff gave me the cold he’s just getting over. We borrowed his brother’s camera, so we’ll actually have photos when we get back.

While I’m away, comments will be turned off on the blog, because I’ve been getting slammed by spam.

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Bon voyage! Have a great time, you guys!

Jeff T | 10 Jun 2007

I’m so envious…can’t wait to hear all about it.

Jere | 10 Jun 2007

Didn’t you just spend a week in London, Jere?

And apparently “turning comments off” didn’t really do anything.

Matt Kingston | 10 Jun 2007

Have a great time guys (if you get this).

Morrie | 11 Jun 2007