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An Egghead for the Oval Office (Eugene Robinson: washingtonpost.com)

An Egghead for the Oval Office (Eugene Robinson: washingtonpost.com): Why we need a smart president (or as I like to think of it, after a fat pope you need a thin pope). I’d love to see Gore in the White House, but the guy I’d really like see clean up our domestic messes is NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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Under a normal circumstances, I’d dismiss a 3rd party candidate as a spoiler. We haven’t, however, seen an election like this in 80 years. Bloomberg’s no Nader; with no incumbent, neither party having an inevitable and things generally such a mess, it’s an election like none I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Of course, you still need money. For Bloomberg, that happens to not be a problem.

PolitiChris | 6 Jun 2007