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Weekend Review

Hit or Miss

Weekend Review

On Wednesday Jeff and I saw Altar Boyz, a hilarious spoof about a Christian boyband. It scratched the itch I’ve had since *NSync left the public eye.

On Thursday we saw the first preview of The Light in the Piazza. The ravishing — if ultimately unmoving — score by one of my favorite new composers, Adam Guettel, definitely challenges the audience –several extended passages are completely in Italian. It’s always been my pet peeve when foreigners (or Aliens) in movies and TV break out into flawless English, so this was preferred. Anyway, it seems like the show has changed a lot since it started in Seattle. I just can’t figure out why the director thought we’d buy Matthew Morrison as an Italian (but his singing and his chest are highlights of the production).

On Friday, thanks to Gothamist, we caught a preview of the film OldBoy. There were about 14 of us in a private screening room at a production facility in Midtown. The critics may be going gaga for the scenes involving a live squid and an extended one-take fight scene in a hallway that recalls an old-school side scrolling arcade game, but I plotzed when the editor matched up the main character’s cellphone ringtone with the musical underscoring.

On Saturday, we decided not to brave the lines at the Wall to Wall Sondheim Concert at Symphony Space and listened to it over the Internet instead. We also took advantage of free admission for myself plus a guest at MoMA (since I work for the New School) and checked out a few special exhibits before being overwhelmed by the crowds and beating a retreat.

On Sunday we just kind of lazed about my apartment. I was pretty tired from the week.

Tonight we’re defending our crown as the winning team at the last Big Quiz Thing and tomorrow Jeff is reading a story at PS122’s WYSIWYG series.

Yeah, Jeff may feel like we’re stuck in a rut, but I think we’re pretty damn busy.

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I saw the thing about wysiwyg and have decided to try to establish something similar in st. louis, via stlbloggers.com… Matt, if you’ve got any tips on getting people to participate (how did you get wrangled up in this?) let me know.

Bob | 21 Mar 2005

Do you know if there is an archived recording of Wall to Wall available online?

Jeffrey | 23 Mar 2005