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Program my TiVo

Hit or Miss

Program my TiVo

Upgrading the recording capacity of my TiVo was the last step I needed to finish before making public my new Program my TiVo page.

Basically, if there’s TV show you’d like to recommend for me to watch, search for the title and it will be automatically added to my ToDo list (scheduling permitting). It’s modeled after Andrew Grumet’s similar page and uses his RSS_Reader TCS module.

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I remember an interesting quote I picked up sometime in college, but I (of course) no longer remember who said it or it what context.

“Theatre is life, film is art, televison is…furniture.”

Jere | 29 Mar 2004

Jere’s quote is variously attributed, most often I’ve heard to Jerry Lewis, although it sounds to me a bit too fecund to have been his originally. As for TV as furniture, there’re plenty of fine loungers and smart chifforobes on broadcast or cable. TiVo is a considerable aid in sifting the Eames from the Ikea.

TheBrad | 29 Mar 2004

Good news for gay TiVo’s!
If you’re a ho-mo-sexual with a TiVo, One Fine Jay has good news: “The Practice, it’s getting canned” If you are not gay nor do you own a TiVo, you won’t understand…but since TiVo does not allow Boolean Season Pass…

BoiFromTroy | 29 Mar 2004