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Too many choices

Hit or Miss

Too many choices

I’m traveling to Philadelphia on Friday for a conference and I’m not sure how I’m getting there yet. Jeff told me there’s a way to use NJTransit and the SEPTA to get to my hotel for a whole lot cheaper than AMTRAK charges, but I’m overwhelmed by all the different combinations of train, light rail, bus, and subway to get there. That’s the problem with living in NYC… too many choices.

And sadly, I’ll be missing Jeff’s and my six month anniversary while I’m away. And yes, the post mentioning our first meeting does awkwardly reference going on a date with another guy.

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I used to travel between NYC and Philly all the time using SEPTA and NJTransit. It’s definitely cheaper, and not that big of a pain. Just change trains in Trenton (which is a small, easily navigable station), and you’ll be on your way to the heart of Philly.

RSLS | 30 Mar 2004

I’ve taken NJT and SEPTA before too. Very easy but not as comfortable as Amtrak. Regardless, I’d go NJTransit.

Aaron | 30 Mar 2004

6 months! That’s three and a half years in straight people years …

Early happy anniversary, youse two!

Chuck | 30 Mar 2004

Happy half year guys. Congratulations.

Morrie | 31 Mar 2004