Hit or Miss

There’s got to be a simpler way

One of the drawbacks of my background in Library Science is that I sometimes have great difficulty finding information on the web. I’ll use keywords and boolean logic and find nothing. Then a friend will come along and try a ridiculous natural language query and hit the jackpot.

Lately, I’ve been searching in vain for a way to easily export my Palm calendar for use on my website. After setting up the Palm2Ipod plug-in for my Ipod, I figured there has to be a plug-in out there somewhere that will export and ftp my calendar data as a .vcs file. Not finding any, I realized I could just use the Palm2Ipod plug-in and set it to the drive I have my web host mapped to (with WebDrive). Of course, I still need to find a PERL or PHP script to parse the .vcs file and show the calendar events…