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Hit or Miss


I’m digging my new Ipod (the 15GB model) so far. It’s a great way to drown out the panhandlers on the subway. Even better, the recognizable white earphones lend an immediate cachet to the wearer — though it would have been a lot cheaper to just buy the earphones and use them with my walkman.

Most importantly, it’s a great way to sift through all the music I didn’t even realize I had on my hard drive. But it was truly a surreal experience when the very first song my Ipod played during my morning commute was the theme from “The Poseidon Adventure.”

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Just think if you lived on Staten Island.

bob | 6 Aug 2003

I’ve got the Maureen McGovern trilogy on my iPod: “The Morning After,” “We May Never Love Like This Again,” and “Different Worlds (Theme from ‘Angie’)”.

Ask me nice and I’ll give you her songs from Carrie.

Mike B | 7 Aug 2003

“It’s a great way to drown out the panhandlers on the subway.” What a shitty thing to say! If only homeless people could purchase some shiny new contraption to drown out the contempt of people like you…

kevin | 7 Aug 2003

I was differentiating between homeless people and the con artists on the subway.

Matt | 7 Aug 2003

I agree, there’s a lot of distinction to be made between subway panhandlers and the plight of the homeless. Panhandlers come in all shapes, sizes, and schticks, and LOTS of them have very dubious stories. Impatience with someone harassing subway passengers is a VERY different thing than contempt for the homeless.

Matt, you might now be able to better appreciate an old entry of mine: http://www.ultrasparky.org/archives/001090.html

Sparky | 7 Aug 2003

I bought one yesterday and was buzzing. They’d run out of plastic bags, which was fine by me (Save the Planet). Sat next to a lady and she said, “how much are they, they’re fantastic, I want to buy one for my husband”. Guy standing up near me says “Oh, they come in black now”. I said “No, its just the box packaging”. They do form a community don’t they.

Morrie | 8 Aug 2003