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Boyfriends Grow On Trees

Hit or Miss

Boyfriends Grow On Trees

I haven’t got an answer to Mike’s question, because I’m wondering the same thing. All the guys I see on the streets or in the subway that look like they have that perfect combination of sincerity and sexiness are always part of a matched set. But where can I buy the single pack?

I can barely find the energy to go to the grocery store at the end of the work day, let alone hit the streets looking for my soulmate. I wish there was some easy shortcut to finding a partner, because I sure could use a foot rub about now.

As much time as I’ve been spending with Mike lately, it’s too bad that we’d never work out as boyfriends. Neither of us seem too concerned about getting facials, wearing Prada, or worshipping at the gym. Sadly, the gap between PC and Mac users is simply too wide.

Speaking of looking for a boyfriend, the new gay dating show, Boy Meets Boy, is simply horrific. Like watching a train wreck, I can’t not follow it as the best candidates gets axed each week (Marc, Chris), while that (straight) asshole Dan remains.

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I’ll give you the foot rub on spec, sweetie.

Mike B | 5 Aug 2003

i disagree that the divide between mac and pc users is too wide. I’ve been with my current bf for quite a while now, and he uses a pc (the unwashed) and I use a mac. Aside from the fact that I have very little sympathy when his machine dies (it’s like Kenny, it dies once a week, bastard!) we’re fine.

Of course we met on IRC in college before the whole gay.com thing got popular. Maybe you can only find nice boys in Virginia?

And: Dan on BMB is an actor. He’s playing a role.

jon | 6 Aug 2003

I thought the easy shortcut to you finding a boyfriend was moving from Kirksville to NYC 😉

Bob | 6 Aug 2003

Actually, I hear Amazon.com is going to start selling boyfriends. I’ve already pre-ordered the 2004 model.

Aaron | 7 Aug 2003

I’ve heard the 2004 model had glitches, I’d stick to the 2003.50 😀

Jenna | 10 Aug 2003

BMB: the whole fun of it for me is trying to figure out which are straight and which aren’t. Their “leading man” is by far the most handsome. An hour of eyecandy to pass the time… what’s the harm in that?

jay | 12 Aug 2003