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NYC Trip Update.

Hit or Miss

NYC Trip Update.

Plans for my vacation in February are moving right along. As soon as I get approval for the days off from my boss, I’ll buy my airplane ticket and make reservations at the Portland Square Hotel.

I had originally planned to stay somewhere downtown near NYU, because I’ll be spending part of the time shadowing a Hall Director there (and trying to figure out if I’m really interested in working and living on an urban campus). But then I figured that I’ll be spending the rest of the time standing in line at the TKTS booth and sqeezing in a much theatre as possible, so I found this inexpensive hotel in the Theatre District.

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It’s hard to read the map at the site, but it looks like I stayed in the hotel that was kitty-corner to this one. Very fun!

I hope you take the chance to do some off-bway too!

Happy New Year!

vis10n | 1 Jan 2003