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Virgin Mobile

Hit or Miss

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile. Pay as you go cell phone service.

Since the T-Mobile Sidekick didn’t work in my area, I’m back in the market for a cell phone. I’m looking for something with nationwide coverage (so I can use it during my upcoming job interviews and NYC vacation) and something I won’t get locked into and not be able to terminate if I decide to buy a Handspring Treo in the future. I can’t imagine that I’ll use a lot of minutes each month, which is why I’m tempted by Virgin Mobile’s payment setup. And, their phones recieve text messages for free — meaning I could rig up a form on my webpage so people could send me messages.

However, I remain weary as Virgin Mobile is still relatively new in the US market though and I can’t find a lot of reviews of their service here in the states.

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I really like Verizon’s customer service but they do seem to be a bit pricey. Their coverage is good though. Although I’m not sure about Kirksville. I think it would be a FreeUp plan that is prepay.

Sam | 3 Jan 2003