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Hit or Miss

I’ve never been a big pet person, but I’m slowly warming up to my friend Morgan’s new dog, Maddie. But she likes to climb up on me when I’m sitting on the couch and chew on my facial hair. Tonight she went crazy, licking my face and slipping her tongue into my mouth. Ewww. Sadly, that’s the most action I’ve gotten in over 2 years.

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She said you were the best she’s had, she’ll call you later. 🙂

Morgan | 15 Jul 2002

What type of dog is it? I have a beagle.. and they look similar but my dog has more white on it..

jenny | 16 Jul 2002

She is a beagle/miniture shorthair dashund/miniture pincher mix. So basicly a mut, but a cute one at that. 🙂

Morgan | 17 Jul 2002

And she likes me more than Morgan 🙂 HA!HA!

Jeff | 18 Jul 2002