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Hit or Miss

A photo of my TV screen, showing a list of updated weblogs.
After a few false starts, I’ve finally written a program to pull up my list of updated weblogs (courtesy of DailyCrawl) on my TiVo by pressing Clear-7-Clear on the remote control.

And yes, that’s Angela Lansbury from the credits of MURDER, SHE WROTE in the background.

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Oh. My. God.

Soon you’ll be reading weblogs on your TV and watching recorded shows on your computer. If you weren’t so damned cool, I’d say you must be stopped.

Dan of BrainLog | 16 Jul 2002

Actually, that wouldn’t be too hard to do with RSS feeds from weblogs… And I already use my Matrox video card to record shows when my TiVo is recording something else…

Matt | 16 Jul 2002

Holy *crap*, man! That’s awesome. You’re fully converged!

Anil | 17 Jul 2002

We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Chris | 17 Jul 2002

Look Mom …. I’m on TV!

JISH | 17 Jul 2002

That’s sick you can do that. 😛

jca | 17 Jul 2002