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Updates on Rector Hall Fire

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Updates on Rector Hall Fire

Updates on Rector Hall Fire.

  • Fortunately, this was not another Seton Hall – no one was injured.
  • Despite what we all learned after that tragedy, students did not immediately evacuate when they heard the alarm or pounding on their door, because they throught it was just a prank or a drill. This is my biggest frustration as a Hall Director — we had a popcorn fire (don’t laugh) last Thursday which set off our building alarm and filled the 2nd floor with smoke, yet students didn’t want to evacuate.
  • Total damage is estimated at $1 million. A fund is being set up to help students without insurance.
  • It took 12 fire departments pitching in to fight to the fire. Three firefighters were injured.
  • I’m amazed by the resources on the university website. Quicktime movie clips of the fire? Fascinating and disturbing. They’ve sure come a long way since I was on the committee that set up the school’s first homepage