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Danger HipTop

Hit or Miss

Danger HipTop

Danger HipTop. “I have a technology boner that could cut glass” — Cory of boingboing.net.

Me too. The HipTop is exactly the cell phone / PDA combination unit I’ve been looking for to replace my aging Palm IIIe. The way the screen slides out to reveal the mini keyboard is incredibly sexy. All the reports say that it will be coming out sometime Spring 2002, and I’m crossing my fingers that the wireless service will extend to Kirksville.

How cool would it be to have wireless web access so I could schedule shows on my TiVo and turn my x10-controlled lights on and off from the other side of campus?

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oh. my. god. that is the coolest thing ever. a cell phone / pda / camera / im / web browser with a qwerty keyboard?

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wade | 26 Mar 2002

I really want one I will be the first one at Shaw University in Raleigh to have it, Everybody will be like “Thats Hott”

Ken | 8 Jul 2002