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Hit or Miss

How much does ABC’s ALIAS rock? I’ve written before about the online web presence for ALIAS similar to the one from the movie AI — turns out that it was put together by show creater JJ Abrams. JJ also composed the theme song with some DJ software on a Powerbook, which his friend also used to create the show’s opening title graphics.

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It rocks the house ALL THE WAY DOWN, that’s how much ALIAS rocks! I can’t believe it took me so long to realize how great the show is–I’m glad you’re spreading the word, Matt!

Max | 14 Jan 2002

ive never really watch much of tv since most of what they show on tv bores me. one day i was having my dinner infront of the tv… this car blows up and a girl with red hair. i dont know if its the same episode but this red really red hair girl was running around and beating up guys. i was completely blown away by ALIAS! with all the suspence and action it really does make me realize in the end i was holding my breath.

Andy | 17 Oct 2003