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I’m back in Kirksville. TiVo

Hit or Miss

I’m back in Kirksville. TiVo

I’m back in Kirksville. TiVo is working again. I’m leaving right away tomorrow morning for a 2-day hall director retreat.

While in St. Louis waiting for my flight back to Kirksville (around 5pm central), the airport announced that the FAA had suspended all flight from taking off. Everyone groaned, but then 10 minutes later they put me on my small little propeller plane. As we were about to shove off from the terminal, the ground mechanic ran up and tapped on the window and told us we had to wait because the FAA had suspended all flights. Then, we sat on the runway for about 30 or 40 minutes.

I’ve looked on a couple of different news sites, but I don’t see any word about it. Strange.

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I think it’s because American Airlines in St. Louis got in trouble (again) for not checking baggage correctly. I made this story live a few hours ago at MSNBC.

Gael | 10 Jan 2002