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How often should I change my oil?

How often should I change my oil? I realized today that I hadn’t changed my car’s oil in over a year, but hadn’t reached the 3000 mile mark yet either (the farthest I ever drive is the 2 miles to Walmart). I check the level every so often — I just hadn’t change it. Is the 3 month mark for changing oil really that important?

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Check the oil, if you still have enough and it has a visible goldish tint, you’re fine. But, if it’s no longer gold, it’s time to change it.

Elan | 27 Dec 2001

It usually doesn’t matter how long you let your oil sit in your car as long as you continue to drive it at least once a month. If you do this, then follow your standard delarship recommendations for your oil change. It is usually every 3,000 miles depending on your driving conditions and terrene.

Grease Monkey Tech. | 18 Nov 2003