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Weblog Accessibility

Hit or Miss

Weblog Accessibility

Weblog Accessibility. Pretty straight-forward article (via camworld) about accessibility issues to keep in mind while design your weblog — the types of issues that have keep me from putting up the types of designs that I really want to (but are not accessible).

I used the LYNX text browser for 2 years before I ever used a copy of Netscape, so I feel like I’ve got a pretty good grasp on what to do when designing. For example, whenever I include an image in an entry (like the previous one), I try to include a good description of the photo in the ALT tag.

The main difficulty I have when designing is the use of punctuation. Headings and navigational elements should really be ended with periods (because many text-readers will not pause unless there is punctation), but I hate the way it looks.