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Hit or Miss


abstractnixon.com. I’m digging this photo/blog written by Univ. of Missouri grad student David, newly added to my list of favorite blogs. Check out this photo essay of a gay, rural couple (there are gay couples in rural Missouri? Who knew?). The sense of loneliness and longing and standing on the outside in this photo and caption is palpable.

And he’s cute to boot. Gay, single, urbane, and only 5 months older than myself. Too bad he lives 2 hours away.

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On the other hand, you might want to ask him about the listserv for gay guys in mid-Missouri.

Jason | 2 Dec 2001

Liked the photos (a lot)… would have been nicer had he just kept his snarky captions to himself. Seems like the only thing larger than his contempt for his subjects is his talent.


Vis10n | 3 Dec 2001

Matt, we are connected! Which is to say, I’ve been enjoying abstractnixon a lot recently as well.

Richard | 4 Dec 2001