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Hit or Miss

Blue cornmeal-crusted rainbow trout with guacamole and lemon cream sauce over a bed of black beans with fresh sauteed fresh vegetables, HERE I COME! Spending the next few days at a conference in Green Bay, where I’ll be taking the opportunity to eat again one of my favorite seafood dishes and drink again one of my favorite drinks.

I’ll be giving a hour long presentation on Thurday about “Using the Internet to Communicate with Staff and Students” — the outline is supposed to be here, however it’s not done yet (and I leave 7am tomorrow).

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Maybe it’s just that you haven’t updated in a bit and I keep loading your page and reading this post again and again…but god, that meal doesn’t sound appealing in the slightest. Well, maybe the cornmeal crusting. But black beans? Lemon cream? Guacamole? And trout? Bleh.

Hope you enjoyed it, though.

Mike B | 11 Nov 2001