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Buffy: the Musical

Hit or Miss

Buffy: the Musical

Buffy: the Musical. I finally caught the musical episode last night and it rocked. Some of the singing was a little off, a lot of the music was too similar, but you’ve got to give them kudos for even trying. And I think Amber Benson, who plays Tara, has finally come into her own as a character (I must admit I didn’t like her when she first joined the show).

For reference: lyrics and MP3s of the songs (get them while they’re hot).

Buffy the Musical is going down as one of my favorite musical TV shows, along with “It’s the Gary Shandling Show: the Musical,” the Disco Zoo Animals on Roller Skates episode of GET A LIFE, and “Streetcar: the Musical” from THE SIMPSONS. I hope more shows will follow suite — I cant wait until the promised WILL & GRACE musical (unlike Buffy’s cast, all 4 leads have musical theatre experience).

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I loved it too!!!! I had never watched Buffy before-to many bad memories of watching that on Prom night with Alan! But now I am hooked!

Elle | 12 Nov 2001

It totally rocked. It’s the only tape
of a TV show I’ve saved in several years.

Anonymous | 17 Nov 2001

I have always been a fan of musical theatre and only a Buffy watcher in the last couple of years, but I have to say that the Musical episode was GREAT!

Tara “I’m Under Your Spell”
Xander & Anya “I’ll Never Tell”
Spike “Rest In Peace”

I was pleasently picked up on subtle drop-in’s of the characters’ musical themes in other episodes throughout the season – remember when Buffy told Spike that she was in heaven and they can never know? (Ya might listen closely to that background music as your watching reruns this summer.) If the article I read as correct that Joss Whedon wrote the songs, I’m TRULY impressed with the breadth of his talent.

If anyone else enjoyed this as much as I have, you can enjoy the songs independently thanks to the web. Considering that all the (most musically untrained) performers sang their own parts, I think even those that weren’t too impressed the first time can enjoy listening to the individual tracks here. That site has the best quality recordngs that I have been able to find.

May sound crazy, but I would love to put on a production of this! Hope you release the sheet music soon, Joss!

WillowBranch | 16 Jul 2002