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Word Games. Did you know that in Microsoft Word spelling errors are underlined in red and grammer errors are underlined in green? Someone just pointed this out to me in my office (because I can’t see it myself). Whose brilliant idea was that? Does Microsoft not have a single color blind employee?

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That’s a good point – I noticed that too but I figured they wanted something that would show up on the white screen to indicate that there was an error …

Jerry | 27 Sep 2001

What colors can you see, Matt? Maybe you should write them a letter.

Chris | 27 Sep 2001

You should definitely write a letter, Matt.

Vis10n | 27 Sep 2001

I think there is a way to ‘tweak’ the colors to something that appeals to you. Check it out in a Newsgroup how to do this or simply buy a Microsoft Office Book and learn how. There’s got to be a way in the registry somewhere to change it.


Andrew Rivera | 11 Aug 2002