Hit or Miss

Belly Button

Belly Button. This is quite possibly the scariest ad I’ve ever seen (my initial reaction was like that of the little boy in the commercial). Talking (singing) belly buttons? Was the ad agency behind this commercial smoking crack? Watching a few too many reruns of the Gong Show?

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Good god. Let’s hope the company that sells that product that “stops the burning, stops the itching” doesn’t follow suite.

madison avenue | 24 Jun 2001

Aside from my Puritan response to having belly buttons uncovered in the first place, I thought the ad was great!

Vis10n | 25 Jun 2001

Um yeah, I saw this commercial and for some reason it made me really grossed out….almost intensly sick. Belly buttons can look cute, but singing ones UGH! Thats like toe jam or something LOL The thought of belly buttons singing really was just GROSS!!!!! (didn’t I already say that) Okay thats all and I agree about the gong show thing too…

Laura | 26 Jun 2001