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How to disable Smart Tags

How to disable Smart Tags. I hadn’t really been following all the fracas on Microsoft’s new “smart tags,” but after I saw this example of how tacky they look, you better believe I’m going to disable them (via boing boing).

Basically, you just insert the following HTML into your document: <meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE">.

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My favorite thing about that link is how at the bottom, one of the headings says END USER PRIVACY. So what are they up to over there at Microsoft anyway? ;->

Bob | 25 Jun 2001

Your post got me thinking about this, and I found a new weblog devoted to turning them off everywhere: smarttags.manilasites.com. Lots of helpful tips for turning them off at a server level if you’re an administrator. Unfortunately I had to go through all my pages and add them in by hand. I hate the Borg.

Kris | 28 Jun 2001

Of course, by now, everyone knows that MS plans to drop their SmartTags initiative. But I don’t know that I feel any safer.

Vis10n | 28 Jun 2001