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Periodic TiVo Rants.

Hit or Miss

Periodic TiVo Rants.

1. When you get to the end of a program (or accidently hit the left cursor button close to the end of a program), you get the dreaded “Delete Program/Don’t do anything” dialogue. Those are your only two options. You can’t hit the rewind button and catch the last part of the show again. Nope, you have to start at the beginning of show and fast forward through to catch the end.

2. My cable company rearranged a few channels a while ago and TiVo has not caught on yet (and I can’t set them manually). So when my TiVo decides I need a dose of Strip Poker on USA (and believe me, I do), I get a half-hour of static instead.

Don’t get me wrong. Tivo is still the best thing since sliced bread.

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Okay, I just figured out that there is a “skip to the end” button that you can use to jump to the end of the program — then you can rewind to the part near the end you want to watch again.

Matt | 26 Sep 2001