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The secret missing link:

Hit or Miss

The secret missing link:

In between playing Johnny Bluejeans on Viva Variety and Phil on Ed,
Michael Ian Black was the voice of the Pets.com mascot.

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hey this guy ruled on the state before viva variety, which was also funny, then on ed, which he is funny on as well, he is a hit

Phil Rowan | 29 Jan 2002

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of Michael Ian Black (because I don’t have a poster of him on my wall), but if I had to choose between watching “Barry and Levon” and doing someone else’s laundry, I think I’d have to go with B&L. I think the guy’s hilarious and I hope to catch him with Michael Showalter and David Wain when they return to “Stella” this March in NYC. Does anyone have a link to the pets.com ads? I’d really like to see them again and just found out today that adcritic.com has closed down.

Greg Swain | 11 Feb 2002

Michael is the mack daddy pimp of the comedic underground… although i almost cried when i found out he had made an appearance in “The Bogus Witch Project” he still remains one of the few people, who can make a donut hole fly out my nose from laughing so hard…

mayday mayday everything is uncool

@shley | 14 Mar 2002