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X Window clients on the PC.

Hit or Miss

X Window clients on the PC.

My other big project has been finding and setting up a X Window client on my PC, so that I can log into my Linux box from Windows. Now that I’ve completed it, it seems so easy.

Step 1: find a free/demo X Windows client. I’m using StarNet’s X-Win32, which is free for 30 days (supposedly, my campus has a site license for it, but I don’t know how to get access to that. I’ll have to ask the LUG on campus).

Step 2: read the XDM-Xterm and XDMCP How-To’s.

Now I can pop up a KDE desktop on my PC (but I can’t get Gnome to work) which runs a lot faster on my 350 P-II than on the 200 P-I server.

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Oh man, finally an obscure technical question that I could have answered in a snap, and you didn’t even ask us first! The place where I work uses Exceed from Hummingbird so a bunch of users can work in our Solaris-based typesetting system from their Windows machines. The other users prefer CDE (Sun’s version of KDE), but those of us on the sysadmin side still prefer OpenWindows, and will mourn its eventual passing.

Sparky | 11 Mar 2001