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How gay are you?

How gay are you? Me? I’m 32% gay — “You might act straight, but I bet your mother always knew you were gay.” (via The Bradlands).

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38%? … I think my ex-boyfriends might take issue with that.

Jason | 5 Mar 2001

48% A happy well adjusted homo. 🙂 (I think the meter lied though.)

john | 5 Mar 2001

I scored a nice, middle-of-the-road 51%. God, if I’d known I was so well-adjusted I could have avoided all that insecurity I’ve nurtured all these years.

Sparky | 5 Mar 2001

Ah, just 18%. My hetero-masculinity is once again assured. My wife will be happy to know.

Dave A | 5 Mar 2001

45%?? I’m a Mary with a website dedicated to *show tunes*. I think the meter’s broken. 🙂

Bill | 5 Mar 2001

I got a 54% (happy and well adjusted homo). I didn’t realize that I was a “happy and well adjusted homo.” And if I’m considered a “happy and well adjusted homo” then I wonder what it’s like being a depressed and maladjusted homo.

Reese | 5 Mar 2001

I managed a 48%…also a well-adjusted homo. Looks like all those years of therapy really DID do me good.. 🙂 I think the “lesbian sex” question was what balanced my score!

Mattee | 5 Mar 2001

Well, just 19% for this married man.

Doug | 9 Mar 2001