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Hit or Miss

Student kills 2, wounds at least 13 at school near San Diego Really sad.

Even sadder is the fact that it barely fazes me anymore. The school shooting at Columbine left me cold and worried about my younger brother, but now I barely bat an eye.

Working in the student affairs field, it seems like all I do anymore is prepare for the worst — for angry parents, for utility outages, or for student deaths and suicides. And my staff of student advisors know to be careful whenever confronting a student — you never know when they may strike back.

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Ugh. I don’t think the Columbine thing fazed me so much, as the last two years I was in high school, we were evacuated because of bomb threats about seven or eight times. It’s sad, but… I’m with you, it fails to shock. And that’s scary.

Jason | 5 Mar 2001